At Joondalup Gate physiotherapy we offer a variety of Physiotherapy services to get you moving again. Our Physiotherapists use their hands, our greatest tools, to assess, diagnose and treat your condition. We view the person as a whole, ensuring that when you are moving again, you are much less likely to re-injure or experience secondary problems. All of the Physiotherapists at Joondalup Gate Physiotherapy are trained in the use of DRY NEEDLING, an effective modality to reduce muscle spasm, painful trigger points and neural sensitivity.

Joondalup Gate Physiotherapists are experienced in treating SPORTS injuries, providing excellent pathways back to your chosen activity, with accurate diagnosis, referral for further imaging if required, hands-on treatment and specific EXERCISE REHABILITATION to get you back quicker and stronger. Our Physiotherapists also perform PRE and POST-OP EXERCISE REHABILITATION to compliment your surgical procedures, and ensure you get the best possible result from your surgery. We work closely with Orthopaedic and Neuro surgeons to get you moving again. We are also trained in MANIPULATIVE PHYSIOTHERAPY, used to treat stiff and painful joints, to restore mobility and movement.

Often it is not stiffness that is the problem, rather stability. At MoveWell Physiotherapy Joondalup Gate we utilise REAL-TIME ULTRASOUND IMAGING to look at stabilising muscles in the lumbar region, around the hip and pelvis and for re-training the pelvic floor muscles.

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