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Swimmers Shoulder


SWIMMER'S SHOULDER: DON'T PUSH THROUGH IT!Swimmers Shoulder is a general term used to describe impingement pain occurring at the shoulder as a result of swimming. Swimmers Shoulder can occur in both social and serious swimmers and is not an uncommon [...]

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Training The Core


TRAINING THE "CORE" The ‘CORE’ is the deep muscle system that stabilises the spine and pelvis. The muscles that make up the CORE are not just the ‘lower abs’, but a complex group of postural muscles that work together [...]

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Beat Back Pain


BEAT BACK PAIN At MoveWell Physiotherapy Joondalup Gate we see a wide range of patients with all manner of pain and injury – however a large part of our work is centred on dealing with low back pain. Here [...]

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Frozen Shoulder


"FROZEN SHOULDER" True Frozen Shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, only occurs in up to 3% of the population, and is characterized by stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint. Signs and symptoms typically begin gradually, worsen over time and then resolve, [...]

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Move Well Physiotherapy Joondalup Gate


Move Well are proud to announce the opening of their newest Physiotherapy Clinic in Edgewater. Situated within the Apollo Health Medical Centre at Joondalup Gate, it is part of a brand new, multidisciplinary clinic that includes GPs, Dental, Imaging, Pathology, [...]

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Womens Health & Physiotherapy Perth


Latest Research into the Pelvic Floor and Physiotherapy The Pelvic Floor Muscles consists of four pairs of muscles which sling across the bottom of the abdomino-pelvic cavity. They are important for: supporting abdominal & pelvic viscera continence patients with low [...]

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